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Principal's Message

  • Dear Middle School Students and Families:

    Students, I hope you have had a relaxing and fun summer and that you are excited about returning to school! I am excited to welcome you back and look forward to supporting you during your middle school years. Please know that your teachers value dedication and hard work, and want to help you discover new talents and interests while building on the skills you already have. With their help, I know you can have a successful year.

    As students in the middle school, I expect you to be kind to one another and ALWAYS model what it means to be a member of Cohasset Middle School: being respectful of every person, every day! That is the expectation and I know that you are more than capable of achieving it! You will be one of more than 400 students in the middle school, learning new classroom locations, new teacher names, and a new schedule. Every school year brings change, so never be afraid to ask questions! The adults are here to help you navigate your day.

    To all of our families, I thank you for the opportunity to serve the Cohasset community, and believe there is much we can still accomplish as we continually improve student education and achievement. I have a great respect for the talents of the faculty and student body, knowing full well that their accomplishments are a reflection of the strength of this community and its dedication to excellence. 

    Every day at CMHS, I endeavor to foster a culture of mutual respect, and believe it is my moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that all Cohasset students are able to learn in a safe environment. I appreciate the tremendous trust you have placed in the schools, and want you to know that it is a responsibility I bear with great pride.

    Best wishes for a successful year,
    Carolyn M. Connolly