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  • Summer Reading

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    In addition to the grade level summer reading, this year we are asking that the entire school community -- faculty, students, and families -- read the following article over the summer. The article provides a context for race discussions that our community can relate to, and can hopefully provide a context for addressing the issues at school moving forward.

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  • School facilities are closed. This includes the cancellation of all home services.

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Principal's Welcome

  • Dear Students and Families of Cohasset High School,

    It is with great enthusiasm that I write to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. Whether you are an incoming ninth grader anxiously eager to begin your high school journey or a veteran senior carefully organizing your approach toward charting a new adventure beyond the walls of CHS, I hope that this year presents you with opportunities to be your best self.

    I had the fortune of working for a great head of school once who would remark that students discover what they want to do with their life after high school, but high school is where they begin to figure out who they are – what their core values are and from what things they derive meaning and a sense of purpose – and although the seeds of these are sewn at home, school provides opportunities to test these values. Whatever lies ahead I assure you we can rarely anticipate it, and I hope that we can help build those skills to help you navigate your path wherever it may lead.

    Make no mistake, Cohasset is one of the top academic institutions in the state, and that doesn’t come without a real commitment from you to put forth your best and most honest effort, to speak up when you need clarification, and to balance your academic goals with your own well-being. I hope our faculty challenge you to reach your highest aspirations, that they inspire you to take risks, that they see things in you that maybe you haven’t seen yet in yourself, that they encourage you when you fall short, and that they celebrate with you when you achieve. It is our goal to embrace your goals as your partner.

    Most importantly, I want you to find Cohasset High School to be an institution that values and allows you to express your most authentic self. Whether in the classroom, on the field, on the stage, or in the pit, I want you to find that Cohasset High School embraces, engages, and lends voice the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and opinions that constitute our rich community. In short, I want you to love coming to school.




    Brian T. Scott